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 JuiceMi First Responder Appreciation Program 

What's Included in this program:

  • Discounted pricing on juice-packs, juice cleanse, and subscription packages for First Responders
  • Customize juice packages that best fit your lifestyle
  • 24/7 live support through text 


Why you'd want to sign up: 

    • You understand health is a long-term investment 
    • You want to stay healthy & be in shape by adding extra vitamins, live enzymes, and minerals (only available in vegetables and fruits) to your diet 
    • Great way to get your daily serving of fruits and veggies
    • You want to lose weight in a healthy and consistent way 
    • You want to take control of your health
    • We offer an all-green juice (all veggies and no fruits) for those that have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol
    • You want to boost your immune and digestive system 
    • You want to sleep better at night 


Why JuiceMi? 

  • Our juices are hand-crafted, highly nutritious, organic, non-GMO juices that taste simply amazing

  • We consciously source organic produce

  • We use a high-quality, commercial-grade, hydraulic press to make your juice. This kind of press produces cold-pressed juice, which is the best method of juicing. The cold method slows down the oxidation process, thereby maximizing nutrients and enzymes in your juice. Cold-pressed juice will stay fresher, more delicious, and nutritious longer than juice produced by conventional juicers. The result? Unparalleled nutritional value, smooth consistency, and extraordinary flavor you will savor with every sip!

  • We press our juices fresh on the same day, store them in glass bottles, and deliver them straight to our customer’s door or office all around Orange County and Los Angeles.


How to join the program: 

1. Get in touch with Mimi - or call us at 714-261-9725 and let us know what you'd like to join the program

2. Let us know what your health goals are so we can recommend the best juice package that fit your needs (get in shape, lose weight, lower your cholesterol..etc). 

3. We create a personal code for you to receive a discount through our website.


Pricing and qualifications: 

    • Juice-pack ( 7 of 12 oz bottles): retail price - $11 per bottle. Your special price - $9 per bottle. 
    • Athlete Juice Cleanse (3 cold-pressed juice and 4 protein cashew mylks per day. Total 21 bottles): Retail price - $210. Your special price - $189 for 3 Days. 
    • If up to 3 people from your station/facility sign up weekly, you will receive an additional 5% off of your already discounted price ($8.5 per bottle) and free delivery to your station/facility.