Why Us and Not Them?

The goal of all detox cleanses is the same; to rid the body of toxins.  Simple as that.  Many cleanses emphasize “weight loss” going to extreme measures to restrict calories i.e. the Master Cleanse.  Some cleanses emphasize low prices and getting you the cheapest pressed juice, though it means compromising taste, ethics, or organic ingredients.  We are proud to say that JuiceMi is neither of those.



JuiceMi emphasizes quality juice, and one quality we emphasize is taste.  At JuiceMi, we are foodies.  Want to get us talking? Ask us what our ideal birthday dinner (including dessert) is at the moment.  We can tell you the best eats around Orange County ranging from the trendiest New American restaurants, the hottest Vegan spots, to the best local Asian joints. We love all types of foods, and we believe in eating healthy but also eating as an indulgent experience. Our love for rich and interesting flavors is reflected in each of our juices.  We want you to finish the cleanse and look forward to each juice like you would a delicious meal. When it comes to low calorie count and good taste, we have tried enough combinations to learn that you don’t have to pick just one.  This is a quality that sets us apart from the others.  We love food because it tastes good. And for the same reason we drink our juice, because it tastes good.


There is one big tradeoff; as of now, you can’t choose bargain priced conventional produce AND fresh, organic, in season, and local veggies and fruits.  We choose the second option, and unfortunately, our cleanse is more expensive that other larger local or national companies.  In our eyes, the extra $40 you spend on us is worth it because you will be more likely to finish the cleanse because it actually tastes good and is 100% organic. “I bought the ****** cleanse and only drank 4 juices, I just hated it, I tossed the rest away” is something we have heard time and time again.  This situation sucks and is a waste of $120++. While we can’t promise you will love our juices, we can tell you that we have had overwhelmingly positive responses from our clients, and people who have sampled our juices at events.

In addition, many well known juice companies HPP their juices.  HPP is a process to give the juices a shelf life of up to 30 days. Do you want to drink 30 day old juice? We know we dont, which is why we are a non-HPP Juice Brand. “Any juice is best when consumed immediately after juicing, as the healing enzymes die off as the juice oxidizes.”  Unfortunately, this means a shorter shelf lives for our juices, which also means more cost and less profit. But we care about your health results from drinking our juice.  Health is king at JuiceMi, so we are getting you the maximum freshness meaning the maximum nutrients!

Our Cold-Pressed Method


We put love and care into your juices. We use a hydraulic juicer, “the Norwalk,” known as “the Rolls-Royce of all juicers.” The juicing process with the Norwalk requires more time and care in making the juices, and the resulting taste and quality is superb. First, you chop the produce into small pieces to fit into the chute. Second, you put the produce into the grinder to shed the produce into a pulp.  Next, you cover the pulp with the cloth that comes with the Norwalk and you use the hydraulic press to create the liquid of goodness…it contains live enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients.  Our juices are completely smooth and pulp-free, for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. The Norwalk is used and recommended by the Gerson Institute. Gerson Therapy cancer and diabetes patients are recommended to drink 13 glasses of fresh, raw, organic juices daily which is equivalent to 15 pounds of produce in liquid form! Since one could not possibly digest that much produce in one day, it is necessary to remove all the bulk and fiber from the fruits and vegetables so that it is quickly and easily digested while retaining the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes. We are also huge fans of Gerson therapy because they recognize the importance of freshness.  They recognize  that “any juice is best when consumed immediately after juicing, as the healing enzymes die off as the juice oxidizes.” Read more about them at http://gerson.org/gerpress/

Glass Bottles

Sustainability is important to JuiceMi.  We use glass bottles because they are more eco9friendly and recyclable. Also, glass bottles are very easy to wash and reuse. We offer incentives for clients to earn money back by returning bottles for us to clean and repurpose.  Not to mention, glass bottles retain more of the nutrients that are so important to your health and success of your cleanse.  Once again, we don’t compromise quality for profit at JuiceMi, and using glass bottles rather than plastic aligns with that standard.  Also, as an added bonus, we think our bottles are pretty cute and unique. Good luck finding a plastic version of it!


JuiceMi is about community and support you through your cleanse.  As of now, we offer as much or little coaching and encouragement as you would like through your cleanse and after into your healthy lifestyle.  Our website has a feature where you can “tawk to us” whenever you need to by just typing into the chat icon on the bottom of the page.  You can also text Mimi, the founder, or ask us questions on any of our social media accounts. We even have a Facebook Community so that our clients can encourage each other and offer personal and tips specifically catered to the JuiceMi cleanse. We are happy to invite you into our community!


JuiceMi wants you to be happy and healthy, and we think we can give you that with our cleanse.  We are about way more than three days on a liquid diet so that you “weigh less” at the end.  JuiceMi stands for long lasting healthy habits.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s a bonus that you might lose some unwanted weight while on the cleanse. We’ve seen amazing results from clients who have lost from 3 lbs to 9 lbs on a 3 day cleanse (amazing right?).  That’s great, but what’s even more rewarding for our team is hearing that our clients feel confident and are inspired to be more active, get back to the gym, and start eating healthier. We’ve experienced it first hand and we’ve seen clients lose lots of weight by juicing… but the most important result is that they keep off the weight because they have transformed their lifestyle through their nutrition. We are working on an eBook for out of state clients to create their own cleanses, and stay healthy and fit. We also aim to post motivating pictures, quotations, and informational, science-based articles on total body health to our Social Media. So don’t forget to follow us!


I just joined the JuiceMi team as an intern last month, and while I was skeptical in the beginning, once I tried each of the flavors, I realized that the “juice for foodies” claim is completely true.  In addition, I saw the dedicated support for customers happening from the get-go.  Mimi is constantly checking up on clients and sending positive, motivating texts to cleansers in need of some love.  Drinking just juice for three+ days straight is hard. She does so much more than any other company I know of to make it easier.  So if you are choosing between us and someone cheaper, more popular, or more well known, I hope this post can help you with your decision.  I also hope you choose us :)



P.S. Just reading this post has brought you one step closer to a healthier lifestyle! Keep going with your journey!

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