Why Should You Juice?

Why Should You Juice?

Nutrient deficiencies can cause overeating. According to research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 9% of Americans eat 2-3 cups of veggies a day as recommended. Only 13% eat 1 1/2 – 2 cups of fruits as recommended. Prior to juicing, I had a hard time eating the recommended amount of veggies and fruits. As a result of that, I felt tired and fatigued all the time and needed at least 2 cups of coffee a day to function. Juicing makes it easy to get the vitamins and minerals that my body need to thrive. Our body are composed of billions of microscopic cells. Our very existence depends on them. You and I are responsible for nourishing our bodies with the foods that we eat. The food that we consume are the results in either nutrition or malnutrition.

What is Enzyme and Why is It Important?

The basic key to efficacy of nourishing our body is the life in our food and of those intangible elements known as Enzyme. Enzyme is the element that enable the body to be nourished and live, it’s hidden within the seeds of plants and in the sprouting and growth of plants. Enzymes have been described as complex substances which enable us to digest food and absorb it into our blood. Enzymes are involved in the action and activity of every atom in the human body, in vegetation, and in every form of life. Enzyme are sensitive to temperature above 118F. At 130F, the life of enzymes is dead. Understanding this, we will know definitely why it’s important that our food should be raw, uncooked, and unprocessed. Raw foods has the power to nourish the cells and tissues of our body in a speedy and efficient manner.


Our Mantra – Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit


We all understand the basic concept of…if we do not eat, we will die. Just as surely, if we do not eat the kind of food that nourish our body, we might not die but we might suffer along the way. But if we focus on nourishing our body, but let resentments, fear, worry, frustration and negative states of mind to take over…we won’t possess complete health. Health is the foundation of a happy and satisfied life. We must nourish our mind, body and spirit as a complete package.


Importance of Raw & Organic Foods


Naturally, all repair and regeneration in our body must come from within. The body is out of balance when the blood stream, cells, tissues, organs, glands and the rest of the body do not contain certain atomic elements that our body needs in proper proportions or are deficients. In order to maintain the proper balance of health, most of the food we eat must contain live, vital, organic elements. These elements are found in fresh-raw vegetable, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Take a moment and ask yourself. Is your foods mainly cooked or raw? If you’re like me and like the rest of us that are living in metropolitan cities, our foods are mainly either cooked or processed. We don’t understand the toxic condition of our bodies. We know so many friends and family members with heart trouble, diabetes, cancer, emphysema, and other chronic diseases. When we eat food that aren’t good for us or incompatible with our nutritional requirements and balance, we suffer.

Why Juice?

We hear this question being asked often enough “Why not eat the whole vegetable and fruit instead of extracting the juice and discarding the fibers?”

The answer is simple, solid foods requires many hours of digestive activity before it’s nourishment is finally available to the cells and tissues of the body. The removal of fibers in the extraction of the juices, nutrients from the juices are quickly digested and assimilated in matter of minutes, with a minimum of effort and exertion on the part of the digestive system. For example, you might have a hard time eating 5 heads of kale and your digestive system might have a hard time digesting it, but you can easily consume that amount in a juice form. Fibers from veggies and fruits are also valuable. When we eat raw foods, these fibers act as an intestinal broom, help food pass through the digestive system and add bulk to your stool, which helps keep you regular. When food is cooked, the intense heat destroys its life. Its fibers, having lost their magnetism through the heat, being dead act in the nature of a mop swabbing through the intestines and leaving a coating on the walls of the intestines. Overtime, the coating accumulates, decay, and causes Toxemia. The Colon becomes sluggish and distorted and constipation, colitis, diverticulosis and other disturbances result.

The juices extracted from fresh-raw veggies and fruits are the means by which we can furnish all the cells and tissues of the body with the element and nutritional enzymes they need in the manner they can be most readily digested and assimilated.

What is Cold-Pressed?

There are two basic way to juice, centrifugal and cold-pressed. Centrifugal juicers use a fast-spinning blade to extract juice from produce, while cold-pressers use a slow pulverizer and a hydraulic press. #JuiceMi juices are cold-pressed by a hydraulic press. The cold-pressing process minimize oxidation and does not generate heat, and is better at extracting all of the enzymes from the produce’s fiber, since it’s slow and deliberate. You can see the difference in color of the juices and the taste. Cold-pressed is the best way to preserve the fresh and raw state of veggies and fruits in a juice form.

Should I only drink juice and stop eating veggies and fruits?

Nope. We recommend eating lots of raw foods and also drink as much juices as your body will allow. If you go on for a period of time of eating cooked and processed foods, we recommend cleansing your body with a 3 Day Detox Mi Cleanse or a 5 Day Cleanse. Do the 3 Day Cleanse once every month for at least 3 Months and follow by incorporating raw foods and juices in your daily diet. 



We’ve mastered the art of juicing. Every bottle is designed to tickle your taste buds and nourish your body to great health. JuiceMi juices are 100% organic and handcrafted with love. We only use glass bottles. We will deliver them straight to your door or office (Orange County & Los Angeles area). We’re here to take care of you from the beginning to the very end of your cleansing experience! 

If you’re ready to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and want to try cleansing for the first time, order your cleanse here! We recommend a 3-Day Detox Mi Cleanse for beginners, and a 5 – DayDetox Mi for someone that’s already healthy and want to take their health & fitness to the next level! 


Source: Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by N.W. Walker, D.Sci.

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