What You Need to Know About Nutrients Absorption

What You Need to Know About Nutrients Absorption

If you’re like me, when it comes to grocery shopping, I typically take much longer purchasing my food than going clothes shopping for myself. I know exactly what color, style, and size I want when I shop for clothes. But grocery shopping is a ritual for me as I like to read the food labels, scan the calories content, and focus on the macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and micronutrients, typically the vitamins and minerals. After all reading food labels is important to me because I want to know the content and fuel I’m putting into my body. But the questions I’ve always pondered is… Am I absorbing all the “labeled” nutrients in my body? In other words, is my body in-taking and absorbing all the nutrients that are labeled on the food?

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Why is this important you wonder? Well, what you eat is just the tip of the ice-berg, and more important is what your body absorbs that eventually converts into fuel that ignites your energy, your workouts and your lifestyle.

Did you know that the digestive system is also referred as your second brain? How so you ask? Let’s take a little tour of how food is digested and the nutrients are absorbed. You take a bite or ingest a smoothie in your mouth, the enzymes in your saliva further breaks down the food and travels into your stomach. Multiple different enzymes are excreted in your stomach to break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. And the next stop is where the magic absorption happens, in your small intestines. Yes your small intestines! The nutrients are absorbed and transported with the help of molecules and blood cells to get it through the intestinal wall and out into your body.

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But that’s not all, your digestive system pick and chooses the nutrients it wants to absorb for the benefit of your body. So if your body is lacking in calcium or proteins, it will want to absorb those nutrients as a priority. Another important factor to how well your body absorbs nutrients depends on how well it is transported through the small intestinal wall. The more icky-gooey bad deposits you have in your small intestinal wall, the less efficient nutrients will be transported throughout your body. Let’s say your body is a Ferrari and you ingest (not literally J) high octane fuel to keep your performance top notch; however, if your fuel injector or fuel lines is clogged with deposits, I’m sure you won’t be running very far.

This is where the many benefits of juicing come in handy. I do a 3-Days juice fast with my wife monthly to keep my digestive health system running at optimal. More than 3 decades of ingesting all kinds of foods, I’m sure my small intestines have deposits that will block some of the nutrients absorption, and some of us will have more or less deposits in our small intestines. Juicing allows the digestive system to take a break and provides faster nutrients absorption throughout the body. And overtime, the juices will help to break down icky-gooey deposits in your small intestines, as a result, your body will have a better chance absorbing the necessary macro and micro nutrients your body craved.

We’ve all heard of the saying, “Motion creates emotions”, it’s definitely true! Furthermore, for us to create motion, we need to ingest nutrients dense food to fuel our body so that the second brain (digestive system) can tell our brain, “Hey, I’ve processed and absorbed the good fuel so you can tell my friend the muscular system to start moving and have fun.” Juicing is the best way for me to super-charge my digestive system and help my body with nutrients absorption.


Henry (Co-Founder of #JuiceMi)


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