Have You Heard of Cryotherapy?

Have you heard of Cryotherapy? My husband and I heard about it multiple times from Tony Robbins when he goes on podcast shows. He talked about being on stage 50 hours on the weekend and this caused a lot of inflammation in his body. Tony talked about having the Cryotherapy chamber in his home and how much this has helped him healed naturally. Being in cryo chamber for 3 minutes will give you endorphins & reset your system. Most of the LA Lakers & other pro athletes are starting to use cryotherapy as well.

Cryotherapy is Tony Robbins fav technology:

There’s a Cryotherapy Center Near By!

I’ve been quite curious about this technology and have been wanting to try it out. I stumbled upon Cryolab in Huntington Beach and am super excited to try this! We’ve invited Mylon, the owner of Cryolab to share his story with us and tell us more about his business.

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HB Cryorehab Story

I’m a father of 4 children: 3 boys and 1-daughter ages 20, 17, 14, and then there’s my baby girl who just turned 6. I coached all 3 boys while they grew up in Huntington Beach from baseball, basketball, and football. And currently managing my daughters softball team which has been a super cool experience. Over previous 13 years of me coaching children’s sport,  I’ve seen my fair share of injuries ranging from sprained ankles, bruised and pulled muscles and broken bones. And well 90% of the time the MD’s or PT’s all have the same advice: ICE ICE ICE, cold therapy has been used for centuries. In fact, the Roman troops were known to soak in near freezing waters before and after battles to recover from injuries.

So moving forward, September of 2015 my son was injured on the football field with a pulled bicep muscle and his shoulder. The MRI showed the small fiber tears and the ligament damage to his shoulder. At first, we were told he was out for at least 3-4 weeks and to ice his arm and shoulder for 1 hour each day 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off for up 1 hour. Well if anyone has teenage kids this task was brutal not only very difficult to keep the ice on the shoulder strapped down its time consuming and very inconvenient to say the least. One of our coaches played for USC he reached out to his buddy that is currently USC PT for their football program. He mentioned that I should look into this Cryotherapy if we wanted him back on the field for the playoffs.

Cryotherapy is an advanced technology that applies very cold treatment by way of nitrogen vapor to the body for relief of basic inflammation, pain, and soreness. The chambers temperature drops to -100c and can get as cold as -130c. The body is exposed for a brief time, up to 3 minutes is recommended. The brain releases vital proteins collagen endorphins while flushing out harmful toxins along with any dead cells the body tends to hold on too, which increases inflammation and sickness.


So I found a Cryotherapy facility located in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area. So for 2 weeks, 3 days a week I drove the dreadful 405 at 3 pm. By his 4th session, he was cleared to play the following week. Once we witnessed his results and the benefits of this amazing technology, my wife and I both needed to try this for ourselves. We both felt amazing our energy levels increased. I was working out harder with less pain the next day. My wife carries stress in her upper back lower and neck. She responded really well to the Cryotherapy treatments. Not only was her stress levels reduced but also her skin was glowing after the second week.  My work production increased I just felt fresher all the time. The treatment also cleared up my son’s acne he was getting from the football pads. So I dug a bit deeper for more information about this technology.



And what I found was several credible MD’s that have been using this for elite athletes for some time now. Multiple pro and colligate programs have them in their facticity. The amount of credible MD’s I was able to confirm using Cryotherapy was amazing. Dr. James Andrews co-founder of American Sports Institute (ASMI) in the sporting world was  a senior consultant for the Washington Redskins and Medical director for the Tampa Bay rays. Also, DR. Melvin Deese who has worked and trained with some of the most notable sports medicine specialists in the world and been honored to care for patients and treat sports injuries from the professional and collegiate ranks to high school and recreational athletes. His groundbreaking research on calcaneocuboid ligament sprain has drawn national and international attention. DR. OZ has done live demos had raves about the super convenient technology that also boost your immune system which prevents aging and supports a much healthier immune system which will protect your health long term. Tony Robbins one of the most powerful inspirational speakers of our time has been quoted saying this is his favorite piece of technology.

All this positive feedback and confirmed documentation lead us to purchased a Cryotherapy unit. We are the first in Huntington Beach to offer Cryotherapy conveniently located off Warner and Bolsa Chica. We only have one body and it’s crucial we take care of it. Today’s society is all about looks and appearance but our insides are far more important for staying healthy and avoiding sickness and or injuries. With a healthy immune-system, you will slow the aging process down while feeding your body vital nutrients our body needs to fight off sickness. If you or your loved ones have any Inflammation disorders like arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia I would encourage Cryotherapy. And or skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis even eczema this is a real game changer. This is a family owned and operating business, child-friendly with a waiting room they can draw or keep busy while the 3-minute treatment takes place. We felt in our heart and soul that Huntington Beach needed a Cryotherapy facility so we jumped in with both feet! Come try this amazing Cryotherapy treatment and let your body tell you how it feels. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you,


You can check out H.B. Cryorehab at:

4911 Warner Ave Suite 211, Huntington Beach Ca 92649

Toll free 1-800-971-CRYO (2796)

Visit HBcryorehab.com to book your appointment today!



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