So you’ve heard a lot about “juicing” and juice isn’t the same type of juice that you pick up at the grocery store any more. We know you have lots of questions and we’re here to help you answer them! If your question is not listed below, leave us a comment or email at juicemigourmet@gmail.com.

What is cold pressed juice?

Juicing is a process of extracting away fiber from produce and fruits so that you can consume all the nutrients, live enzymes and vitamins in a liquid form. This will help your body absorb all the goodness in a short amount of time. #JuiceMi juices are raw, organic and all natural. There are no added sugar or preservatives.

What is the purpose of cleansing?

Your digestive system works hard every day to break down foods in your body. Cleansing will give your digestive system a body retreat; flusing out toxins, and nourish your body with nutrients. Imagine the process similar to getting a car oil change, but for your body. Our goal is to have an optimal running system so you can feel healthy and productive.

How does it work?

It’s simple. you have the option to do a 1 Day Body Retreat, 3 Days Body Retreat, or challenge yourself with a 5 Days. You’re taking a break from eating and you’re drinking 6 17oz bottle of juices a day. We understand that this is something entirely new to you and the process is not easy so we’ve designed 5 unique and delicious flavors of juices and 1 cashew mylk to help you enjoy the cleansing experience!

How do I prepare for my cleanse?

3 days before your cleanse, eat simple and light. You want to eat lots of plant-based foods and stay away from processed food. Don’t eat anything that is heavy to digest. You want to avoid your body going in to shock when it’s time to cleanse. We will send you an email before your cleanse to help you prepare and give you tips for your #JuiceMi cleanse.

How often should I cleanse?

It is entire up to you and your health goals. Do it as much as you feel like you need to. People that are health conscious and are at the top of their fitness game might want to do it once a month because they want to stay healthy or they will do it once every 2 or 3 months because they generally eat healthy. Also people who want to lose weight, build momentum for a healthier lifestyle will continue to do it more often than others. This will keep you on track with your eating habits; help you control your portion and curve cravings for bad foods. Not to mention give you more energy so you can be more productive.

What are the benefits of juicing? 

  • Increase energy
  • Optimal immune system
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Clear and glowing skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Reduced bloating (flattened stomach)
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Normalized digestion
  • Reduce cravings of unhealthy foods, coffee & alcohol
  • Increase sex drive
  • Rehydrate your body
  • Fasten metabolism
  • Weight loss

Will I feel tired during my cleanse?

Digesting food takes a lot of energy so when your digestive system is resting, it should not affect your energy level. You might even gain more energy. However, your body might respond differently than someone else that’s going through the same process. Your mind and body need to adjust first. You might feel some detoxing symptoms and that’s normal. You can find more info in your #JuiceMi email after you place an order.

Can I exercise during my cleanse?

We suggest that you take it easy on the first day because your body needs time to adjust. You can do light cardio such as walking, swimming, and yoga. We want you to avoid exerting all your energy on the first day. If you feel like you have a good amount of energy on the second day or third day of your cleanse then you should work out like normal. Working out will also help speed up the process if you’re looking to lose weight.

Is your juice organic?

Yes. We source fresh and organic produce!

Is your juice pasteurized or HPP?

No. Pasteurization kills the enzymes, vitamins, minerals. It beats the purpose of juicing. We want you to have fresh juice that’s made the day of delivery. We do not HPP our juices because it extends the life of the juices up to 45 days. Would you eat a 45 days old salad? No? Then why drink it?

What is HPP?

High pressure processing (hpp) is a non-thermal pasteurization process which apply high pressure to freeze microorganism and enzymes to slow the deterioration of foods. Most juice companies uses HPP as a way to preserve the shelf life of juices from 10 – 30 days depending on the juice. These juices are no longer fresh but rather preserved. HPP juices are generally sold online and at supermarkets. When buying HPP juices, you are paying premium prices for lower quality juices. Our profit margin might not be high because we refuse to compromise our integrity and quality of our juices. Non-Hpp juices taste better, contain more nutrients and are truly fresh and raw.

Why does your juice only have a 3-7 day shelf life?

Our juice is living and made by order. After 72 hours all the living nutrients begin dying off. If you find a juice that has an expiration date longer than 3 days, it’s been pasteurized or cold pressured. Our juice will last up to 7 days because we use the best juicer on the planet whereas normal juicer will last 3 days. However, we recommend for you to start your cleanse a day after delivery so you can get the most nutrients.

How many calories are in your juice?

Pressed juice is raw and natural. These are the calories that your body needs. Your body naturally knows how to burn these calories and does not store them as fat. We eventually will be providing nutritional information.

Why does the juice separate?

It is natural for some juices to separate. This occurs because we do not filter or add preservatives.

Why choose #JuiceMi? 

Our mission is to keep you healthy so you can feel your best. We’re here to help you kickstart a healthier lifestyle and stay balanced through juicing, fitness, and sharing knowledge. We care about your experience. Our priority is the taste and quality for our juices as they are handcrafted with love and care. We designed our juices for your indulgence while each recipe provides a purpose for your body. We preserve the majority of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in our produce by using a powerful hydraulic press that provides minimal exposure to heat and air. We source fresh and organic produce, add super foods and special ingredients to our juices for optimal health benefits. We store our juices in high quality glass bottles so they always taste fresh as the day you receive them. We provide knowledge and support to ensure your cleansing success.

How can I get started?

Order today at http://juicemigourmet.com/shop/. We are currently serving the surrounding Orange County area and San Jose area. We will email you back with more information and the next available delivery date. Delivery spots are first come first serve.

** PLEASE NOTE: You can order online and pick up your juices in Costa Mesa, CA. Pick up is free. Delivery is $15 flat rate for Orange County. $30 for surrounding LA area. We are focusing on delivering top quality juices to our clients, if you are not from California, we will cancel your order and refund your money.