A Combo made in Heaven. Bikram Yoga and #JuiceMi Cleansing

Bikram Yoga and #JuiceMi Cleansing

This is a question that I’ve been asking myself, why on earth would I sit in a heated room with a temperature of over 105 °F for over 90 minutes? It’s hard enough for me to sit in a sauna for 10 minutes. I’m generally running out the door once my timer goes off. I’ve been curious about hot yoga for quite some time now. I’ve never tried it because I was intimidated by the heat. I was already having a hard time slowing down and being present in a normal Yoga class. I didn’t think I had what it takes to survive in Bikram (hot) Yoga. I also thought that I had to be good at Yoga first and then work my way up to Bikram Yoga. There were so many excuses why I shouldn’t do it, but good thing I ran out of excuses and finally gave it a try!


What Got Me Started?

I was inspired by my friends and their stories of how much Bikram Yoga has helped them. My friend Danielle is a marathon runner and has completed numerous Ironman Triathlons. Over time, her body was taking a beating. She swears that Bikram Yoga has helped her heal from all those years of hard training. She goes to the classes religiously. Not to mention, she cleanses with #JuiceMi quite often too ;).


I was motivated to give Bikram Yoga a try because my bachelorette party in Hawaii is coming up at the end of February! I’m determined to tone up and look my best for this special event and my wedding is coming up soon after in May. My girl-friends: Julie, Veronica, and Amy practiced Bikram Yoga for only a couple of months and I think they look great! I saw that Bikram Yoga was an effective way to tone and sculpt the body.


Benefits from My First Week Practicing Hot Yoga

I stumbled upon B. Hot Yoga at The Camp in Costa Mesa last week. They just opened their door a week ago. They’re having great Groupon deal for $39 for unlimited Hot Yoga. I recruited my gang (Henry – Cofounder of #JuiceMi, Vy – Operation Manager) to join me in the classes.


The heat wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Don’t we always expect the worst? Lol. It’s definitely not as hot as being in a sauna. I felt like I somewhere in Asia, it was hot and humid…but still bearable.


Be Present

There are over 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. The instructor doesn’t demonstrate the poses but describes the poses in details. I try to look at what everyone is doing and follow along. Because of the heat and having to carefully listen to the instructions from the instructor, I realized that I didn’t drift away as often as I usually do in normal Yoga. I have to work hard to concentrate in my breathing or else I won’t survive in the heat. There were many times when I feel like running out of the door but when I shift my mindset to being present, it helps. I try not to think about anything else but completing one posture at a time and move on to the next. When I’m staying present and focusing on what I’m doing for that moment, time starts to move faster. Next thing I know, class is already over :).



Release Stress

Stress can get the best of me. I no longer drink alcohol so my go-to to stress reliever is food. You can already guess what happen next when I go on a binge and eat whatever I want. I gain the extra weight and get even more stress and depressed because of it. It’s a vicious cycle. Bikram Yoga teaches breathing exercises that help calms my mind and body. The different breathing techniques help me with releasing stress. When I feel stressed, I focus on my breath and keep calm.




I was taking 90 minutes Bikram class every day while I was on a 3 Day #JuiceMi Cleanse. It was amazing because I felt energized throughout my entire cleanse. I also tested out my body and energy level. I felt energized so I added an hour of lifting weight. I went easy and used smaller weights so I didn’t burn out my energy. I was able to consistently incorporate a hot yoga class and an hour of lifting weight into my day while I was on the cleanse. After I completed the cleanse, I felt great! I started cooking and prepping my meals and continue to have an hour session of lifting weight 5 days a week and go to Bikram yoga 3 to 4 days out of a week.

Clear and Glowing Skin

Before and while I was on the juice cleanse, I had major breakouts! Ever since I completed the cleanse and attended the Bikram Yoga classes, my skin does not have ONE zit. My face looks so clear and smooth! I’m loving how my skin looks right now. I’m sure that the heat and sweat help reduce the toxin in my body and it shows through the clarity of my skin. Amazing!


Final Thought


To enjoy Bikram Yoga is to enjoy the moment of mental clarity and focus when you’re in the room practicing. Just like going on a juice cleanse, every time I go through the process, it’s different because my body and state of mind are constantly changing. There’s time when it’s an easier process and there’s time when it’s more challenging. Even though I’ve completed 3 Day Cleanse over 20 times and a 10 Day Cleanse once, doesn’t mean that it’s easy for me to complete a 3 Day Cleanse every time. I feel the same with Bikram Yoga. There are days I’m getting my ass kicked in class and there are days when it feels easy and natural. I try to remind myself to take it one day at a time, acknowledging myself for going out of my comfort zone and taking the effort to do something amazing for my body. I want to acknowledge everyone in the community and their commitment to sharing Bikram Yoga! It’s healing for the mind, body and soul. Everyone should try it! Namaste!







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