What is #JuiceMi?

#JuiceMi products are designed for busy women and men who are dissatisfied in consuming processed foods and want to be health conscious. #JuiceMi help kick-start and maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering fresh nutrient-dense, organic and natural beverages.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality & tasty organic cold-pressed juice to the people of Orange County and Los Angeles. Our focus is to create an enjoyable and successful juice cleansing experience for our customers.

Our why is to help you nourish your body to good health through nutrition and motivate you to kick-start a healthier lifestyle!

We care about people so our cleanses are designed with both taste and nutrition in mind. We take pride in building relationships and providing our customers with long-term results.

So… Why Us and Not Them?

The most important thing to us is that you are able to finish your cleanse.  We are a juice company that doesn’t compromise profit for quality.

#JuiceMi Juices are 100% organic, unpasteurized, handcrafted in small batches, eco-friendly, fresh, non-hpp, gourmet

We refuse to compromise organic for conventional produce; after all, how can you “detox” when are drinking juice with pesticide residue.  All of our juices are handmade in small batches which make a difference you can taste. Our clients have often tried cheaper cleanses from large companies in the area.  We have heard “I drank three juices and had to stop” countless times.  That is not what #JuiceMi is about.  We are about tasting good and getting you healthy.  Our clients finish their cleanses. Period.  Sometimes they don’t want to stop. We are Foodies here at #JuiceMi, and “Foodie Juice” is what we serve.  We use glass bottles because they are more environmentally friendly.  Our juicer, the Norwalk, is the recommended by the Gerson cancer treatment institute for its nutrient retention.  We may be a little pricier than large chains and franchises, but it’s what allows us to make quality, chemical free, delicious juice with a smaller carbon footprint.

Who We Are 

Mimi Chau – Founder

Mimi Chau, a juicing enthusiast and studying to be a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist is #JuiceMi founder. Mimi started #JuiceMi in 2014 as a hobby, blogging and sharing her juicing knowledge through social media and became the juice queen in her community. Friends and family were her first customers and due to increasing demand, she expanded to a booming business venture. Mimi is an out of the box thinker that’s bringing a new perspective and concept to the natural food beverage industry. Her goal and passion is to help as many people complete their juice cleanses and with a track record ofhelping over 300+ people in the past 2 years.



Henry Tran – Co-founder 

Henry is passionate about health and fitness and believed that health is wealth. Henry works in Aerospace industry as a Finance Manager, and he witnessed many of his coworkers suffer health issues through working long hours in corporate. As a result, he loves helping his coworkers and giving them tips and guidance on how to stay healthy and eating clean. Henry enjoys endurance races such as Tough Mudder and Spartan.


Vy Dao – Production Manager

Vy Dao joined #JuiceMi in late 2015 as Production Manager after having been a #JuiceMi customer. Vy is currently studying Finance and had experience in the restaurant industry. With an eye for detail and passion in helping others makes Vy a valuable team member. 


Justin Stanphill – Juicologist 

Justin is a nature lover who loves traveling and exploring. Conservation is a big passion and goal for him. Being a traveling musician for the past 6 years has taught him a lot about how being healthy helps you stay positive and present while being on the road. 

Justin Bio Pic