5 Life Changing Benefits of Juice Cleansing

I used to wake up feeling groggy and felt like it was mandatory to drink a cup of coffee to get my day started. My energy was at an all-time low and I was desperate to feel better. I didn’t know what to do! Thank goodness I met a triathlete that introduced me to juicing, and ever since then my lifestyle has changed!

How Juice Cleansing Changed My Life

My lifestyle and habits started changing ever since I started cleansing & nourishing my body with fresh juices. I was amazed by the changes but didn’t understand what was happening to my body… I felt revitalized! I had energy for days! I hated running before (I get a little emotional to even think about running 3 miles), and now…I’m training for my first half-marathon coming up this weekend! The brain fog has lifted, I don’t feel groggy and tired. Not to mention that I look a lot healthier and feeling more fit than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. My eating habits has changed since I started juicing as well. I never ate a salad until the age of 23. I generally crave for meat and carbs but never veggies. I knew it was good for my body, but it wasn’t satisfying so I would never touch it. I remember exactly what I did after completing my first 3-day juice cleanse (3 years ago); I ran 5 miles and came home to chow down on a huge chicken salad! It might not sound like a big deal to some people, but it was a big deal for me!! It was so out of my character to start running. The next step that I took was to be consistent with my juice cleanse. I went on a 3-day juice cleanse every month for the next 6 months. This process helped me become aware of the foods that I’m put in my body and how it made me feel. I started to cook at home and eat “clean” 80% of the time, and I exercised more and slept better. I would feel so good on the inside that that feeling would radiate from the inside out through my physical appearance. I started getting a lot of compliments from family and friends about how slimmed and fit I looked. I also heard  about how my skin would be glowing after finishing a cleanse. The biggest change in my lifestyle is that I stopped drinking alcohol. I used to drink a lot of alcohol and had the occasional blackouts. I completely stopped drinking alcohol for a full year (not even a drop). I transitioned into having a glass or two of champagne on special occasions. I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol anymore because I know the effect it has on my body. After two years, it now feels natural to be the one that doesn’t drink when everyone around me is drinking. Juice cleansing has really helped me with self-discipline. I think the most important thing that I want to share with you is that I don’t feel deprived. I’ve learned so much these past 3 years since my first juice cleanse. I’m having a lot of fun learning & I love sharing it with all of you! Now that you know how juice cleansing has changed my life, let’s talk about the 5 life changing benefits that juice cleansing will have on you!


Result from completing a 3 Day Cleanse continuously for 6 months.

Result from completing a 3 Day Cleanse continuously for 6 months.

5 Life-Changing Benefits of Juice Cleansing:

Fasting has an incredible effect on our bodies. According to Shawn Stevenson from The Model Health Show, “Fasting, itself, is an epigenetic trigger that ‘turns on’ certain programs inciting your DNA to print out better copies of you. To put it simply, fasting can make you sexier, well… fast.” There are many different types of fasting including water fasting, juice fasting (our favorite), micronutrients fasting and intermittent fasting, just to name a few. Going on a juice cleanse (fasting) will give you all the benefits from this list and you’ll get a lot of nutrients that will assimilate into your cells & instantly absorb into your bloodstream. I personally think that going on a juice cleanse provide the best experience out of the different types of fasting. I’m not eating any solid foods so my body can take a break from digesting. I feel satisfied and I’m not starving because I’m drinking 6 juices a day. 

1. Improve digestion

Going on a juice cleanse will improve your digestion. It takes 48+ hours (depending on the person) from the moment you eat your food and when it’s ready to be excreted out of your body. Your body is working hard to extract fibers and nutrients from food, absorbing the nutrients into your bloodstream, and figuring out what to do with what’s left of it. When you get a clear image of what your body does for you, you have a better understanding of why it’s important to eat better. The process is more than passing of food, turning food into energy and waste, but the food become part of you and your body. Your organs are constantly at work digesting your breakfast, snack, dinner, snack, midnight snack…EVERY SINGLE DAY. Over 60%+ of our energy is spent digesting the food that we’re eating. So when does our body gets a chance to take a break? Going on a juice cleanse gives your body a break from working. That’s why you’ll notice a peak of energy by the 3rd day of cleansing. Your body is done digesting your food by the end of the second day, and the 3rd day is when your body gets to rest. Going on a juice cleanse will also help with your bowel function. It’ll help heal ulcer and bowel diseases. I’ve had major issues with my ulcer and it was extremely painful. It’s not a problem anymore since I’ve incorporated juice cleansing into my lifestyle.


2. Fasten metabolism

Going on a juice cleanse will make your fat storage more accessible. Your body is designed to protect you. When you digest food, your body is using some energy and storing away excess energy as body fat (saving it for a rainy day). It goes back to the days of our ancestor when they had to hunt for food and was hungry for days/weeks after. Someone with more weight will outlive those will less weight because when we are starving, our body will tap into the fat storage and utilize the stored energy to keep us alive. Because your body is designed to protect you, your body will send out crazy signals the first and second day of cleansing; headaches, fatigue…etc. Your body is freaking out thinking that you’re starving to death and that there is no food to be found. Once you pass the first initial 2 days of not eating, your body will realize that everything is fine and your body goes back to functioning normally. I hope this information help explain why the first two days are the hardest! This triggers your body to go into a famine mode and start burning the fat. We don’t recommend going on a juice cleanse for fat loss although it is an added bonus (we all want to look good right?). Just keep in mind that there’s no fast fix to losing weight, but it is about a lifestyle change. Research have shown that fasting is more effective for retaining muscle mass versus going on a calorie restrictive diet. Want to learn more about this? Check out this podcast with Jonathan Bailor, TMHS 062: Deadly Calories, The Truth About Fruit, And Exercise Hacks With Jonathan Bailor.


3. Improve brain function

Going on a juice cleanse will help with your brain function. Your body will produce more of “brain-derived neurotrophic factor,” a protein that protect the cells in your brain. We are constantly losing brain cells, that explains why we forget where we left our keys or where we parked the car. We need to keep our brain healthy to generate more brain cells. Going on a juice cleanse or fasting will help your body create more brain cells. This will help people that are currently dealing with depression or have brain disorders. This also helps me understand why my brain fog was lifted after I started cleansing.


4. Slow down the aging process

Fasting and going on a juice cleanse is clinically proven way to trick your body to produce more human growth hormones, which is also known as the youth hormones. Your body can also produce more HGH when you are sleeping or from strength training.  This is when cellular repair takes place. Producing HGH has a huge impact on your health, it keeps you looking young and help you live longer!


5. Reduce inflammation and accelerated healing

We all know the benefit of plant-based foods. The best part about juice cleansing is nourishing our body with natural foods that mother nature intended for us. Cold-pressed juices are nutrients dense, it has so many minerals and vitamins that do amazing things to our body. The antioxidants in plants and the fasting process help reduce inflammation and it helps accelerated healing. If you know anyone that is affected by cancer, please share with them that fasting and juice-cleansing can help slow the tumor growth and help a patient with the treatment including chemotherapy. The treatment is made to destroy that person’s immune system. This can help to reduce the side effect of these treatments. The process also helps with insulin sensitivity and it keeps our organs healthy.



When I first started cleansing, I didn’t understand what was going on with my body, but I know it made a huge impact on my lifestyle. After learning more about fasting and juice-cleansing, all this information start to make a lot of sense! I’m more motivated to complete my cleanse because I understand why I’m doing it, and the impact juice cleansing has on my health. I hope you find this information helpful! I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about cleansing! Email me at juicemigourmet@gmail.com



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