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beforeandafter09-15A hello from our founder

Hi guys! My name is Mimi and I started JuiceMi as a way to help people kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

Lets go back about…five years ago. I was fatigued and felt sickly at the age of 23. I woke up every day feeling groggy and needed at least TWO cups of coffee to start my day. I was eating out every day and I would drink more alcohol than water. No matter how much time I spent at the gym, I didn’t see the results that I wanted. I could barely run a mile and I would cough my lungs out if I tried. I would crave carbs, salty and fried foods: salads, veggies and fruits were the last thing on my mind. I couldn’t think clearly, I had no energy and I felt sad and desperate for a change. I thought I was sick. My blood test result showed that I was healthy but in reality…I couldn’t stand feeling like my body was deteriorating right before my eyes.
It wasn’t until I met a triathlete that introduced me to juicing. It was scary at first, I thought it would be insanely hard to change my daily eating habits. But it wasn’t, thanks to juicing.

I learned that juicing was the fastest and best way to get the proper nutrients, vitamins and live enzymes that my body needed. After my first 3 day juice cleanse, I had SO MUCH energy that I exploded and became one with the universe! Haha jk! No seriously, the experience was LIFE CHANGING. I had so much energy that I ran four miles and chowed down an entire chicken salad for dinner! It was a leap of progress for me. In my entire existence, I’ve never done anything like this! I felt like a new person, a happier, healthier and in control person.

I made my own juice cleanse because as a foodie, I am super picky and hated the taste of veggies. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the juices taste good.
In the following years of continuously juicing for breakfast, lunch and incorporating juice cleansing once every month, I started seeing MASSIVE results. It was fun and exciting to see the changes. I’m sharing my results with you so you can see how fast things can change for you too.
My result includes having the energy and discipline to workout 5 times a week. I can easily run 4 to 8 miles straight without coughing up my lungs haha. I ran my first half marathon (13 miles) and averaged at 10 minutes a mile (not too shabby for a person that hates running!). I completed my first Spartan obstacle race and killed it! Coffee is now a treat and it’s not an everyday necessity. It’s been 2 years since I quit drinking alcohol. I wanted to be in control of my health and my life. With juicing, I was able to quit cold turkey for over 2 years and I only want to drink one or two glass of champagne on special occasions. My husband and I completed a 10-day juice cleanse and live to talk about it! Haha. We cook and meal prep every week.
My goal through #JuiceMi is to help as many people as I can to complete their first 3 Day Cleanse. Let me know how I can help you :).